Walking Photography

What is Walking Photography?  This is our process of taking a 3-D image of the interior spaces of your home, warehouse, Church, Factory or any sort of facility where you would like the ability to take a tour of the space online!  Fantastic for marketing a rental home or office space for rent.  Even a home for sale can be documented and presented online so potential buyers across the nation or the world can walk thru your space as if they were standing there in person.

Document your Inner Space

Whether it is for an insurance claim or a potential sale or for the safe keeping of your records.  Have Flies Drones come out and do a Walking Photography of your home and document all of the items within.  The document is then saved on our server for future reference and if you ever need to use it you will always have it at your finger tips.  Imaging if you had a fire and your home was destroyed and the insurance company wanted documentation of all the belongings you had inside.  Our 3-D Walking Photography documentation is the perfect answer to that need.  Single room, Single Story or an entire complex we are up for the challenge.

Walking Photography

Contact us today to find out how we can tailor a Walking Photography shoot and program for you.

Not only do we fly in the sky but we work in 3-D space too!  Contact us about documenting your inner spaces as well!

Have a look at the Sample shoot of the Hampton Manor below.


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