Aerial Roof Inspections


Aerial Roof Inspections.


Aerial Roof Inspections

Aerial roof inspections in the Central Florida Area. How does your roof look?  Can is with stand another blistering Florida Summer?  Has a recent storm done damage?  Do you really want someone walking around on your roof and potentially causing more damage?

Let Flies Drones come and have a look.  Whether it is a recent storm that has you worried or just the age of your roof lets give you some peace of mind.  We will come and take photos of your roof as a whole and close up images of all sides of the roofed areas of your home.  If we find areas where there are potential issues we will take close up images of those areas and provide you with images, explanations and potential suggestions.

After our Aerial Roof Inspections,

we will produce a private page here on the Flies Drones website where you can view the images of your roof both in small thumbnail formats as well as larger versions of the images and even a link where you can download the HIGH REZ version of the image.

Flies Drones Standard Roof Inspection is really far from standard and an exceptional value for the price.  Have a look at a sample page from a homeowner after a recent hurricane event here in Central Florida.

14335 Nieves

An additional travel charge may apply for service locations more than 50 miles from the General Orlando area office or the Merritt Island office.  Please check our service map to view our current service area.  An additional fee of 65 cents per mile will apply for services outside this area.  All aerial photography services are weather permitting and must be scheduled in advance.

10 Close up (Aprox 20ft)
8 Cardinal Oblique (150 ft)
1 image of the Front of Property
An Image Address confirming location
Also a  Birds Eye (75 ft)
Close up’s of any damage

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Building Size

1,000sq/ft to 2,000sq/ft, 2,100sq/ft to 5,000sq/ft, 5,100sq/ft to 10,000sq/ft, 10,100sq/ft to 20,000sq/ft, 20,100sq/ft to 50,000sq/ft, 50,100sq/ft to 100,000sq/ft, 100,100sq/ft to 200,000sq/ft, 200,100sq/ft to 500,000sq/ft, 500,100sq/ft to 1,000,000sq/ft, 1,000,100sq/ft to 2,000,000sq/ft


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