Video Productions

Sometimes you want to have your event or location or project developed into a video.  No matter if its an event or a location or even a project we can help.  Our graphics team can take our aerial still photographs and our aerial video and compile them into a fantastic video for you to keep forever.  These videos can range from simple remembrance keepsakes to documentary and even instructional type videos.  Just let us know the scope and intent and we can create something that can be a productive tool or a fantastic video to treasure for all time.

Have a look at some of the sample videos below   If you are ready to order a video Click Here

A Video production introducing a new location event or feature.

A slide show style video using all still photographs to document an event.

A Training video on how to use a drone to collect wind speed and direction data aloft.

Videos used for training and competition preparation.

Below are two videos of a building project documentation series.  These videos were taken one month apart.  The entire series was done over a span of just over 18 months.

We also will create custom videos on request

Sometimes the videos are a great keepsake for the customers of that business like in the case of Jodi's Ski Skool where skiers and families of skiers will have Flies Drones document their training or their entire day or sometimes week at the ski facility.  Below is a video done for one of those skiers.

Flies Drones Video Productions appear on several website where the video not only enhances the appearance of the site but in many cases helps promote the site as well as adds a touch of reality to the site.  Have a look at a few of our clients below.